Angels Among Us Indeed

Back in January 2017 I migrated to North Texas from the lowest regions of the state. It was a moment in time where I was at a crossroads of adult proportions, building the foundations for the next portion of my life. I have left behind another person, an immature version of myself whose behavior upon…

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Originally posted on Love Notes from Yours Truly:
A tale like ours has never been told There are prophesies From days of old Murmurs, meanderings And secrets whispered in hushed tones But mostly We are unknown So now, at this pivotal moment In time and space I come forward To reveal and represent A proud…

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Enforced Vacation

Funny how things work.  On May 30th, I wrote this: “I am struggling with the blogging process.  More and more I feel burned out and need a vacation, maybe a “long” vacation.  Not sure where this is going.” Then, BAM!, out of the blue a series of issues forced me to take time off.  Not […]

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