Easter is Here

Easter 2017 is here, and faithful Christians world wide will celebrate the holiday that occurs on the first Sun-Day (each day of the week is named for each one of the visible “planets” of ancient times) after the first Full Moon after the Vernal Equinox.  (Apparently a somewhat more complicated formula yields the correct date for Easter, but this one works “most” of the time).

“Pagans” (what does that mean? virtually any non-Christian belief system is arguably pagan) will point out that Easter is an ancient pagan holiday adopted into the calendar of the (Catholic) Church centuries ago as a way to assimilate “converted” pagans into Christianity.  I am not certain, but by “pagan” I think most people are referring to Wicca within a family of similar “Earth based” religions (or arguably “systems of belief”).

Don’t get me wrong, I like Christianity and consider myself “Christian.”  It is just that I believe that the actual historical Jesus Christ taught a set of beliefs that have been partially lost, partially passed in secret (by others similar to myself, almost certainly all being “otherkin”), and partially passed more openly through organized religion.  I believe it does more good than harm despite a long history of abuses ranging from the Inquisition (and burning people) to the sexual molestation of children and subsequent coverup in modern times.

My personal set of beliefs differ from the official canon.  In some circles, maybe many, I would be considered a heretic.  I have been called “pagan” by believers of Wicca (and maybe they might be right, sort of), and at least one “fundamentalist” (a horrible person, by the way, a liar and cheat who simultaneously claimed to be “Christian,” a living mockery of the term) not too long ago.

Personally, as a person who grudgingly admits to being “otherkin” (if this is possible and not just a flight of fancy), I think I am something else in terms of my core beliefs and way of life.  But, if I am “otherkin” and they do exist, then my belief system would include Jesus Christ and most (if not all) of the disciples as Otherkin as well.  The mission of Christ and the Disciples was to help humankind, a particularly difficult challenge since the humans kept torturing and killing those who would help them.  Sometimes I wonder if (as a collective) we have changed much, or even at all.

Whatever your beliefs, I hope you have a pleasant weekend and a pleasant holiday if you celebrate.