Vampires? More chance encounters of the most powerful nature

Vampires are popular characters and from Bram Stoker’s Dracula through the Bella Lugosi movies and the 1970’s movies and Dark Shadows and more recently Twilight, they keep grabbing the fascination of the public and popular press.

I saw an entry tonight about vampiric otherkin.  I had not heard of such an idea before, but it begs a question.  Can you have otherkin who are evil?  I do not know the answer, but it does not fit with the lessons I learned from others (typically “chance” meetings, some of which have been described in an earlier entry).

This is an open question for me.  I have read others talk about “reptilians” and similar others, but I am simply left with no answer on this.  Can this really be true?  I am not sure of the answer.

Art Bell was a favorite of mine whenever I had occasion to drive cross-country late at night.  If I am otherkin, then whatever it is that I am is very nocturnal.

When I was a young man, much slimmer and at least some females found me attractive, I had a chance encounter in New Orleans that etched itself in my memory.  I was sixteen and had strayed from the party that contained my parents and grandparents.  I was wearing a black nylon shirt, form fitting and with a zipper down the front and a rather large ring on it.  I am surprised that my conservative parents would let me wear such a thing.

I encounter a long dark haired lady, and we had a brief conversation.  The sexual energy between us was nothing short of electric.  I would guess she was in her 20’s or maybe early 30’s.  In the conversation, she told me that I was a “Goth.”  At the time, such a term was not in widespread usage.

One more point: though I cannot prove it, I believe (quite strongly) that this lady was Anne Rice before she became famous.  Was she a mentor?  I sometimes feel a calling to write the same kind of work she has.  Again, was she yet another powerful mentor in the briefest of most powerful short encounters?

One last thing: she was right.


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