A sideways day

Being nocturnal as I am, I did not arise until about 2 PM local time.  Things turned weird almost immediately, and I found myself frustrated and unhappy.  My Sweetheart (i.e. Mrs. Grant Rhymes) suggested we go out.  We went to an old favorite restaurant with four-legged otherkin, had terrible service and mildly disappointing food, but tipped the server anyway since she was working on a holiday.  The manager is a decent young fellow, so I expressed our disappointment mildly.  He understood, gave us a slight discount, and we remain on good terms.

Sweetheart was right.  I needed to get out.  I tend to be solitary, sometimes maybe too solitary, and interactions with others help.

Back in cyberspace on WP, someone suggested I codify my stories into a another form, maybe a comic strip or something similar.  Would anyone be interest in a comic strip about Otherkin?