April 17, 2017 Rain, Birds, Dogs, and Questions

This morning I was later than usual going to sleep, after 8 AM rather than some time between 2 AM and 5 AM.  Rain has visited the Metroplex, or at least my part of it, and I think that helped me sleep better though I kept hearing loud birds.  As I write this, a song has started on Drone Zone / SomaFM that was playing when I wrote last night: Aeolian Zephyr by Roy Mattson.  Something about that soundscape seems unusually appropriate for discussing starseeds and wanderers and walk-ins (Oh My!).

The “loud birds” were from one of my computers, part of my pantheon of silicon.  An alarm clock, a softwere, began ringing its test chimes.   The rain continues, sky darkening.  The Queen of the Furries sits in my lap, but the mascot of the pack barks relentlessly.

The Darkness of the Day seems more like a day from “Dark Shadows” (set in Maine) more than an April day in North Texas.  Maybe the universe is somehow confirming what I am doing.  Or maybe I am in synchrony with an emergence that is occurring.  I do not have the answers; I have more questions than answers.