A new switch was flipped on

A new switch was flipped on this morning for me.  My tendency to invent and be innovative seemed to suddenly return.  I woke up from a dream (now forgotten but it seemed to involve a group of people in an exam trying to cheat) and had a new idea that MIGHT improve password security (at least a little bit).  (I wonder if I can be granted a software patent?)

The thought also came to me that my tendencies to invent and innovate had been dormant for some time.  I do not know if it is the “season” for such things (an astrological / patterns / developmental viewpoint) or the act of writing these entries for this blog (and retrieving those old memories / dreams / reflections) or a synchronicity of both (all of the above?).  I know it can be fleeting, but I do hope it will stay with me for a “while.”