A Flood of Dreams

A flood of dreams has been hitting me, but they are all earthbound.  The theme repeats again and again: being in classrooms, exams, and similar among people who are liars and cheats and thieves.  I would like to say that I know what it means, but I do not.

My best guess is that my deeper self is telling me to avoid those situations whenever possible.  Maybe working alone is the best option for me.  I certainly come back to that repeatedly.

Another message has been coming to me in different forms.  We (earthbound humans) all have “ways of knowing” (epistemology?) that exist outside of the standard framework of science as it is framed in 20th and 21st century literature.  Like any other dogma, “science” (actually, the communities that self-identify as being scientific) rejects any other approach, any approach that does not fit within its framework.  But we all engage in those “ways of knowing,” and it is present even in the hidden assumptions of “scientists.”

How do they pick the topics to explore?  Do they conduct an experiment to pick the topic?  Or do they pick it based on their perceptions or opinions of the authority of others who based the decision on their perceptions or intuitions?  And how much “science” really explores new topics as opposed to what Thomas Kuhn called “mopping up work“?  How much is simply a push to confirm the opinions of others as part of a thinly veiled chase of “tenure” or accolades?  With such incentives in place, how strong is the pressure to steal the ideas and work of others, pick trivial topics design to stroke the egos of reviewers, or falsify results?

In the end, the assumptions underpinning science are just as dogmatic and irrational as any other set of assumptions.

I am not trying to denigrate science here.  Science, and the remarkable technology developed from science, has almost certainly improved life for many people.  But I am saying that more than one approach can be had to living life, and many people (likely most) do not do it entirely, or maybe even at all, on the basis of science.  We all tap our intuitive resources as they are colored by the various biases that are part of the package to make our decisions, large and small, every day.