Two Steps Forward and One Back

My awakening, and the associated reverie, was encouraging as I wrote in my previous entry.  The first part of the day went well.  But when I left home to run errands I kept encountering people who kept attempting to pull out in front of me (which, in each case, would have caused an accident).  An important errand failed due to a paperwork problem (one easily solved, but one also requiring at least one additional trip).

Other problems have occurred since, and I am left wondering what shifted.  From an astrological perspective, I would have expected the problems more than the first part.  Sun void, Moon in Capricorn (notorious for being heartless) and waning, Mercury retrograde, Venus technically direct but really stationery, Pluto nearly stationery (station retrograde on April 20th, about 24 hours away), Jupiter retrograde, and Saturn retrograde.  This is not a period particularly conducive to “getting things done” (although it can be very good for breathing life into old projects once thought dead).

Not sure what any of it means, but I do have much in front of me that needs to be addressed “IRL.”  Sometimes seems difficult to know how to read or think about life.  I really do have far more questions than answers.

On many levels, I find the story of the “Facebook Killer” Steve Stephens difficult to comprehend.  He was a social worker who worked for years helping people.  What happened to him?  I do not know the answer to that, either.  But something tells me that any of a number of us could be him or maybe some other terrible variation if “things” went wrong.  You know the old adage about being “two paychecks away from being homeless.”  (If you do not, here it is: “someone” once estimated that a large portion of the population in the United States is only two paychecks away from being homeless.)  Again, I wonder, what happened to him?

And, again, I wonder this: even if otherkin do exist, and even if I am otherkin, how do we matter?  How can we make a difference?