Canine protectors

One of my canines, the newest member of the household, sometimes alerts at things the rest of us cannot see or here.  We fostered another dog who did the same.  Sometimes I can identify the source, maybe the wind blowing, but not others.  I may never no the source.

But I would rather have the occasional false alarm than risk missing a true threat.  I am grateful for his vigilance.

And, sometimes, just sometimes, I wonder if he can see or hear beyond this world, beyond what some call “the Veil” into some other world.  To be certain, he is a very special creature.

Can a non-human, a dog or other non-human animal, be a starseed or wanderer?  Could such a special soul come to help us and be our companion?


6 thoughts on “Canine protectors

    1. I believed one of my first cats as a kid was part of my soul family, not neccisarily Otherkin, but he and I had such a bond and mutual understanding I’ve not had with any other animal, ever. Sometimes it were a thouh we could read each other’s mind.


    2. But some evidence exists, also, that they have ways of perceiving / processing that we do not have. (This is from members of the mainstream science community, at least some of them.) I have a dog who, when I walk into the room or she walks up to me, will stop, look at me, and start sniffing from a distance. I could be wrong about this, but I could swear she is trying to SMELL my mood. By the way, do you listen to RadioLab? They cover some AMAZING stories from “not quite” “mainstream science.” Example:


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