Scary Nights in Texas

Scary nights in movies are almost always in the fall or winter but not so much in spring or summer.  In Texas, particularly North Texas, we have scary nights in the spring.  They happen with “severe thunderstorms” which is code for possibly hailstorms and sometimes tornadoes.  These are the kind that took Dorothy away from Kansas.

We had one of those tonight, and I thought that the “feel” of it was vaguely reminiscent of “The Shining” from Stephen King / Stanley Kubrick / Jack Nicholson (aka “Here’s Johnny!“).  I felt a bit like Hallorann (played by Scatman Crothers) who ultimately loses his life attempting to save the young boy (Danny).  I liked both Hallorann as a character and Crothers as an actor.  And it all begged quesetions of what does it mean to be a “mentor” to someone.  Because, let’s face it: Hallorann was exactly that to the boy: a mentor who was present only briefly to pass a message, much as has been true with a number of my own mentors.

The last few days have been relatively good.  Yesterday, a few important home matters were resolved, including a breakthrough in a particular area.  Today was all about shopping and errands, and most of it went well though I have a few loose ends to tie up tomorrow.  I have much to attend to at this point in my life.

Sometimes I feel an odd sense of alienation.  My sweetheart and my pups are my closest friends.  I do have a few people I know whom I do business with on a regular basis, but the closest of those has taken a job elsewhere.  I do not see him anymore.  I have anonymous pals here on WP, but that is not quite the same as face to face friends.  I know that this is common as men age based on articles such as this one.

In hindsight, I think I may have failed my grandfather in his later years.  Though I tried to be helpful and supportive, I can see now that I should have spent more time with him.  That is how it is: we do not really know how much someone matters to us until they are gone.

And I keep facing the same question over and again: am I doing with my time what I should be doing?