France and the First Gate

I like to get the disclaimers out of the way up front.  Let me do that.  I have been wrong before.  If I keep making predictions, then I will probably be wrong again.  And, I have written about getting it wrong.  If you are wrong, admit it and move on (unless your attorney advises you otherwise).

Sometimes I get things right.  I think the most accurate (sadly) was my 2010 Bad Moon Risin’ post.  I thought that a series of disasters would follow that particular Vernal Equinox (2010), and they did.  Noteworthy mining disasters and plane crashes happened, and the finale of the sequence was the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe, less than a month later.  It is the kind of thing where you are right but you wish you were not.

And I still have some predictions that are still open, such as this set of predictions written slightly before the polls opened on November 8, 2016 or this one that concerns me a bit regarding the safety of Preident Trump.  Let me be clear: I believe he is making his best effort to do the right thing, and I hope the very best for him.

Making political statements of any kind on the Internet is risky, maybe even dangerous.  Many conservatives reject those of us who have a metaphysical viewpoint.  Many who are metaphysical embrace liberal politics, and some on the liberal side seem willing to engage in violence.  I inhabit a particularly thin sliver of the populace.  I am not alone, but there are not many others like me.  Staying silent is usually the best policy.

But we are at a turning point, at least I believe that we are.  Exactly what it means is unclear to me.

What caught my eye this evening was this article: Venus as Inanna at the First Gate.  At first blush, it is just another article on technical astrology, the kind I mix in between the astrology forecasts and the tarot forecasts and the occasional recipe or pinup girl.  All of it is good fun (I hope), and none of it is intended TOO seriously.  But this article grabbed me, and I read and re-read it.

The “cosmic pentagram” mentioned, carved out by a 584 day cycle of Venus, is the same one that is a centerpiece in the bestseller turned movie, “The Da Vinci Code.”  The novel contains a number of different pieces (especially Rosslyn Chapel) interesting to those of us who follow certain particular branches of metaphysics.  The 584 day cycle of Venus is also one of those “interesting” topics.

This discussion of the “First Gate” was something I read, and then re-read.  Usually I read an article through quickly, reblog it or not, and then move on.  (Given that I am generous, I reblog most content except the most blatant advertisements.)  I almost never re-read an article, I simply do not have time for it as I have written about before.

But “First Gate” was different. And that article begged this question: what is happening tomorrow?

First, what is the “First Gate”?  To really understand it, you might want to read the article.  But, to summarize, the article indicated that an ancient Sumerian myth saw Venus (the planet) as symbolic of Inanna (a Goddess).  Periodically, Inanna “went underground” (when Venus was near the Sun, eventually conjunct the Sun, and then emerging on the other side).  After a retrograde period, Inanna would turn around (Venus would go direct) and head to the Sun.

Along the journey, she would encounter seven “gates” until she reached the Sun again. (Each gate is a point in time where Venus is hidden by the Moon as a result of a conjunction between the two)  Each “Gate” signified a “turning point,” with the “First Gate” arguably being the most important.

My explanation is surely not as elegant as the original so, again, we recommend that you read that.  But the “First Gate” (after Venus turned direct after the recent retrograde) is tomorrow, Sunday, April 23rd.  (This will not be a “world ending event” or anything like that, but it will be some kind of important turning point.)

Again, this is the question: what is happening tomorrow (April 23rd)?

I knew the quickest way to find out was to go to Google News and nose around.  Most of it was “business as usual” these days (that means more Trump-bashing and the usual suspects (related topics)), but then I noticed that France is holding an important election tomorrow.

After digging more, I found this description of the election after reading this Wikipedia piece.  An earlier blog entry, one that was implying that Marine Le Pen is a Nazi, came to my memory.  I thought it extreme and considered it for my “anything goes” news blog, “Debateable News,” but passed over it as too extreme.  Is this what starts circulating when the Left thinks the Right might win?

I dug around and found this description of the National Front party.  Though I will not claim to understand French politics, it sounds like “Clinton v. Trump” or “Brexit or Not” all over again.

And, I think it is important.  I think it is really important.

The intuitive side of me says that.  The logical side says, “so what. It is just another election.”  But the intuitive side is all a-dither.

At this point, I am not certain of what else to say.  But, I will say this: I believe that this election in France is important.  Regardless of the outcome, I believe it is a “tipping point” that will change the world (as we know it) forever.