Independence Day

I am watching Independence Day on SyFy as I write this.  The aliens are villains.  I have to wonder, if anyone believed in otherkin / starseeds / walkins / wanderers (beside the very few of us who do, or at least are willing to consider the possibility), would our lives or our freedom be at risk?

What if, somehow, we had the kind of pinpoint accuracy in predictions that the skeptics, and others, demand for anyone who claims to have “the gift”?  Would the military and intelligence agencies suddenly be interested in us?

If you have not heard of MK-ULTRA, or seen the campy movie “The Men Who Stare At Goats,” or read the book that movie is based on (I have not done this last), then maybe you should explore these.

Personally, I seriously doubt MK-ULTRA ever stopped.  I suspect that the series of projects associated with that name have been closed out and replaced with subsequent ones concealed under yet another name.  And I highly doubt anyone equivalent to Edward Snowden will come forward to unveil them for the public.

What exactly do these projects do?  That would be anybody’s guess, and I certainly will not claim to have the answers.  In a superb cult-classic movie, The Man Who Fell to Earth starring the late David Bowie (and others), a hint was dropped that a fair amount of modern technology, since roughly the 1960’s, is actually alien technology that was gradually diffused to the public.  The idea was simple: what might have taken decades or even centuries for us to otherwise discover, was released over months, years, and at most decades.  That way, we could believe that ordinary human beings developed things like the amazing “smart phones” that many of us use.  Is this true?  I have no idea.  But, the idea is one to generate intrigue.

And more than a few fans of Bowie (I include myself among them) have hinted that Bowie himself might have been a starseed, wanderer, or walk-in.  We have mentioned this before, and so have others.

In any case, if you are a kindred soul, I wish you well and hope my writings can give you some sense of hope and guidance.