Science fiction, at least “good” science fiction, has always spoken to me in a far louder voice than rehashed soap opera style garbage.  Exceptions exist in romances and tear-jerkers, but mostly they “prove the rule.”

As I look at the structure of Armageddon, running late tonight under the moniker “Movies We Love,” I see that it is almost like a series of short stories, almost from the beginning.  The numerous pieces of the story could be broken apart and made to stand alone.  The “astronauts” in the bar fight at the stripper bar, the space station explosion, the catastrophic landing on the asteroid, and others could be broken apart and expanded into longer and maybe complete stories by themselves.

My life is like that, and I think that is true for many of us.  We move from plot to plot and story to story, fighting fires and dealing with catastrophes when we must, preventing them when we can.  From a certain vantage point, life is a series of adventures.  Then we blink, the credits roll, and we are gone.