The Lowdown_ On Starseeds


Are you a Starseed?

Most likely if you have been drawn to read this you are! It is an internal wisdom that we all have as spirits in these physical shells, but few actually trust. You must trust yours, that inner Godliness we call intuition. 


Do you happen to stare at the same constellations every time you look up into the night sky? Or maybe you’ve felt closely related to complete strangers and friends as if you’ve known them before. Reincarnation suggests that our soul never dies, but continues on for lifetimes repaying karmic debts. Have you ever wondered why you have “deja vu” moments but can seem to pinpoint the exact thought or action linked to it? In another, much higher dimension where our soul goes after death, we choose the moments in our lives that will lead us on a path to fulfill our karmic debts. In that higher dimension our…

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