Leo Planets and Writing Forecasts for Yourself: Dreams of Curing Cancer

Though I have not mentioned this before, one fact is true about my astrology forecasts: I often write them for myself.

Any astrologer who truly believes that their forecasts are “neutral” and “unbiased” is a bit of a fool.  The fact is that, despite our best efforts, biases of different kinds creep in.  This is why I always set my charts for Plano, Texas (where I am located) rather than New York or London or Los Angeles.  (Exceptions do exist.  A railroad crash in Philadelphia is set in Philadelphia, where the event occured.)

Knowing this, I embrace it rather than reject it.  I have several Leo planets in my natal chart, and that can make me “self-centered.”  But it also means I recognize a “self-centeredness” that many have, but fail to recognize or acknowledge.

I wrote last night, for today’s forecast, these words:  “You will have an important hint given to you today, and it may be very difficult to understand, maybe extra strange….”  I had a series of such messages in terms of dreams / “weird images” when I woke up.  I use the term “weird image” as a astrological “term of art” rather than simply a few words strung together, and the source for that term is this book from the 1980’s by Michael Lutin.

As an aside, my personal “weird image” from that book is this: “Southern ladies and gentlemen in evening dress picking their own cotton.”  (The quote may not be exact.  The book is lost somewhere in my library of a few thousand volumes, and I am not willing to take the time to look for it.)  That image has always described me so precisely that I found it to be compelling.  I grew up in “cotton country” (and I have picked cotton for entertainment rather than employment), and my life has been characterized by a mix of evening dress and wrestling with mind numbing menial chores and open loops.

If I understand Lutin correctly, a “weird image” does not have to be a particular lifelong descriptor of someone.  It can apply to other people, places, and things.  I think that noviles in general, and particularly “Neptune novile Pallas” (as Solarfire described it, though I think it should be the other way around since Pallas has a shorter orbit) operate through “weird images.”

So, when I wrote that forecast yesterday, I was thinking of myself as much as anyone else.  What weird image(s) would come to me?

Mine this morning was this: a discussion, in a clinical setting where all were clinicians (including myself):

Question (from someone else to me): "If you could cure cancer, would you?"

My answer: "No."

How disturbing!  Why did I answer that?  As I moved into waking consciousness I tried to edit it. “Yes, of course I would try.  Are you kidding?  That is one of the most important questions in the world to solve.”

But, what message was my deep unconscious sending to me on this peculiar novile day before a full moon?

I think it was this, even if I have some theoretical capacity, I am getting older and not sure how much time I have left.  Even if somehow I “might” be able to devote myself to such an important task, I am not certain I have the focus or “willpower” to do it.  And if I did try, I might make a mess for someone else who could complete the task and get the job done.

Even so, my answer from my deep unconscious is one I find to be disturbing.  (Other images came to me, too.  But they all had the same theme, as Elvis (and Bachman Turner Overdrive) famously espoused: Taking Care of Business.)

Hope your weird image today, or tomorrow, is not quite so disturbing.

And then there is this version.




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