Independence Day

I am watching Independence Day on SyFy as I write this.  The aliens are villains.  I have to wonder, if anyone believed in otherkin / starseeds / walkins / wanderers (beside the very few of us who do, or at least are willing to consider the possibility), would our lives or our freedom be at […]

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Danger and Opportunity

A legend circulates, perhaps a true one, that the Chinese pictogram (equivalent of both a letter and a word) for “Crisis” is also the same for “Opportunity” and, in turn, “Danger.”  I think that, from a physical vantage point, we are living in dangerous days. Almost anyone who faintly resembles a “serious” astrologer has pointed […]

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I wonder if….

I wonder if I could develop some sort of test or measure for Otherkin / Starseeds / Wanderers / Walk-ins as others have claimed to do.  This is merely a fleeting thought and not anything I have plans to seriously pursue. May is nearly here, the middle of Spring, and Texas is beginning to heat […]

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Flying Cars and Alphabets

Flying Cars and Alphabets I had seen in my dreams many times that flying cars would actually become a reality. Now that both Uber and Google have announced test markets, my dreams likely seem trivial to some. Uber will be testing here in Dallas, and Google in Phoenix. I suspect that these choices are anything […]

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Strange Coincidences

I am up far too late given an early morning appointment, so I will make this short, maybe adding to it later or writing followup entries.  I will pose a question: do you have strange co-incidences in your life?  Do they ever make you nervous? A friend of mine told me a story tonight.  There […]

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France and the First Gate

I like to get the disclaimers out of the way up front.  Let me do that.  I have been wrong before.  If I keep making predictions, then I will probably be wrong again.  And, I have written about getting it wrong.  If you are wrong, admit it and move on (unless your attorney advises you otherwise). […]

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