Mars Attacks!

While writing my forecast for tomorrow, the movie “Mars Attacks!” popped into my head.  Tomorrow is another dicey day astrologically, and somehow “Mars Attacks!” (“MA”) seemed appropriate (along with “Gunsmoke”). After I finished the piece, I researched the movie a bit further and found that it came out the same year as “Independence Day.” MA […]

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Independence Day

I am watching Independence Day on SyFy as I write this.  The aliens are villains.  I have to wonder, if anyone believed in otherkin / starseeds / walkins / wanderers (beside the very few of us who do, or at least are willing to consider the possibility), would our lives or our freedom be at […]

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I wonder if….

I wonder if I could develop some sort of test or measure for Otherkin / Starseeds / Wanderers / Walk-ins as others have claimed to do.  This is merely a fleeting thought and not anything I have plans to seriously pursue. May is nearly here, the middle of Spring, and Texas is beginning to heat […]

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Flying Cars and Alphabets

Flying Cars and Alphabets I had seen in my dreams many times that flying cars would actually become a reality. Now that both Uber and Google have announced test markets, my dreams likely seem trivial to some. Uber will be testing here in Dallas, and Google in Phoenix. I suspect that these choices are anything […]

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Strange Coincidences

I am up far too late given an early morning appointment, so I will make this short, maybe adding to it later or writing followup entries.  I will pose a question: do you have strange co-incidences in your life?  Do they ever make you nervous? A friend of mine told me a story tonight.  There […]

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Canine protectors

One of my canines, the newest member of the household, sometimes alerts at things the rest of us cannot see or here.  We fostered another dog who did the same.  Sometimes I can identify the source, maybe the wind blowing, but not others.  I may never no the source. But I would rather have the […]

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